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Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc. has developed expertise in a wide array of markets. Central to each of these markets is an understanding of the client and project needs to provide reliable and efficient service.

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance That Important?

Servicing your air conditioning unit is comparable to servicing your car. If you don’t put oil in your car, it will eventually blow out the engine and no longer run. Replacing an engine is a lot more expensive than replacing a few quarts of oil. The same principle applies for A/C. Professionals clean coils and change filters to give the unit more air flow. If these parts go too long without being serviced, they can overheat and the compressor will burn out. This leads to spending more money on parts than you would have spent towards annual service. That’s why having your unit checked in the spring is critical to ensuring working air conditioning during the hot, summer months.

How Often Should My HVAC Unit Be Inspected, Cleaned, and Serviced?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc. recommends having a professional check your unit at least once a year. Annual service is a part of preventative maintenance, which is critical to lengthening the lifespan of any HVAC system. Keeping units clean and receiving service is the best way to save money on your equipment.

When Should My HVAC Unit Be Checked?

The best times of year to have your HVAC unit checked is in the Fall for heating and the Spring for air conditioning. Don’t wait until winter or summer when you’ll be needing your heat and A/C the most.

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